Chiefs fan creates Kelce family, Taylor Swift Cabbage Patch dolls

Chiefs fans share their love in different ways—cookies, apparel, even house decor. But one fan shares hers through a popular 80s doll.

It is all in the family for fan Teresa Henderson. She has taken her child’s old Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and turned them into the NFL’s top brother duo, Jason and Travis Kelce. It all started last season, when the Kansas City Chiefs ended up facing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

“During the podcasts that the two boys have, they were discussing signing baby dolls. And Travis is like, ‘Oh, no, I’m not signing a baby doll.’ And Jason pressured him. He said, ‘OK, maybe I’ll sign a baby doll,’” Henderson said. “So, I took my son’s 1985 Cabbage Patch doll … and turned it into a Travis Kelce doll and started taking it to the ball games in any place.”

Since then, Henderson has landed Jason Kelce’s signature on his respective doll after their live podcast in Kansas City, but not Travis’.

There is a third member of the Kelce family with her own doll. Donna Kelce is equipped with her iconic split-team jacket, a Kelce bowl shirt, and even a miniature box of her favorite cookies. Mama Kelce signed hers after visiting Kansas City to appear at a Raising Cane’s restaurant.

“She said ‘absolutely,'” Henderson said. “So she stood there and she signed her Cabbage Patch doll.”

Each doll has a unique outfit hand-sewn by Henderson, with Jason’s being complete with facial hair.

When the current season started with stardom—Henderson knew there was one more doll to make—a Taylor Swift Cabbage Patch doll.

For Henderson, her love language for her Chiefs is shown not only through creativity but also by sharing that with others.

“I don’t want to be famous; the dolls do, so it’s fun, but it was amazing over the past year,” Henderson said. “Some people are like, ‘I have dolls.’ I said, ‘These dolls are from the 80s… I’ve just repurposed them and gave them a new life.’”

For now, she waits for the right time to get Travis’ signature, and maybe even Taylor’s. She said she may add to the family with either Kylie Kelce or by adding Chiefs head coach Andy Reid or Patrick Mahomes.

This story was originally published by Claire Bradshaw at Scripps News Kansas City.