Denver Zoo got Maury Povich to reveal paternity results for orangutans

Jaya might be in the prime of his age to father infants at the Denver Zoo’s Sumatran orangutan enclosure, but we’re sorry to say … you are not the father!

The zoo welcomed Siska in August. At the time, zoo officials didn’t know whether Jaya or Berani was the father. They said it would take some time to get the results of DNA tests. 

Well, the results are in and who better to deliver the news than former talk show host Maury Povich?

“When it comes to the orangutan, 4-month-old Siska, Berani, you are the father!” Maury said in a recorded message posted by the Denver Zoo on X.

Berani is a 30-year-old Sumatran orangutan. According to the zoo, this is Berani’s second offspring. It’s the first for Eirina, who was transferred to the zoo from Germany. 

It’s unclear how the Denver Zoo got Maury to make the special announcement. His show, which was famous for the paternity test reveals, ended in 2022, after more than 30 years on the air. 

This story was originally published by Óscar Contreras at Scripps News Denver.