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Mamoto music are a creative team of sound designers, composers and voice-over actors who are developing and implementing audio assets for games and interactive media. We are happy to work with AAA, indie, mobile, console, solo developers and theme parks.
We’ll create original and memorable music for your project, whether it is a dynamic advertising cinematic trailer, a cut-scene, or a pack of light jazz music for a casual game.
Sound design
High-quality sound effects that harmoniously fit into the narrative corresponding to the animation, more than half reveal what is happening on the screen. We will make sure that the players and the audience got an unforgettable experience.
Voice Over
Our team has the professional equipment and a base of experienced and diverse actors of native speakers, with whom the heroes of your projects will speak in English, Russian, and Chinese.
We do not only produce audio assets, but we can also set up and implement systems in the audio engines FMOD and Wwise.

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Vikings Village ambience.
FMOD/Unity integration
Paper Tanks.
Gameplay sound design


Casual UI Theme
Cinematic Emotional Atmo
Electronic Breakbeat
Ethnic Chinese Theme
Quiz Game Gameplay
Synthwave Fantastic Miami
Upbeat Hold On Brother
Boogie Tremors
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Meet our team

Nick Vokhrin
composer, sound designer
Nick is a musician, composer and sound designer who specializes in interactive audio development and audiovisual media scoring.
Ksenia Geddes
voice-over actress, sound designer
Professional voice-over actress, singer, and sound designer with 10 years of experience in various game and media projects.

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